New Economy Campaign of Pittsburgh

Molly Rush at the March Celebration

The New Economy Campaign of Pittsburgh is a project of the
Thomas Merton Center.

Our mission:
We promote solutions for building a strong local economy rooted in economic equity, environmental justice, and community participation. We achieve this through advocacy on policy issues, education and shared learning about what is possible, and directly supporting the local businesses, grassroots activities, and economic institutions that make our vision a reality.

Our vision:
A region where the economy serves the real needs of the people who live here.

Our values:
We can build a local alternative to the dominant economic system that concentrates wealth and political power while destroying our ecology by promoting:

Economic Equity: Everyone deserves a good quality of life, including their own experience of culture, community, and joy. We must ensure that all people have a living wage, access to basic resources, and that wealth stays in our local communities.

Environmental Justice: We need a fossil-free economy that regenerates our natural resources and environmental health. We should not have to choose between poverty and environmental destruction, between prosperity and preserving our local and global ecosystem.

Community Participation: People need to participate in the economic decisions that affect their daily lives. Governments, businesses, and financial institutions should be accountable to our communities.

Join us in building support for our two current issues:
– Worker owned cooperatives
– A fossil-free economy

Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NEWGatTMC.

Follow us on Twitter.

Questions? Contact our staff coordinator Gabriel McMoreland at gabriel@thomasmertoncenter.org.

You can also sign-up for our e-mail list by clinking  here  or use this link: http://eepurl.com/LKRI5.

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New Economy Campaign in Pittsburgh